The founder of the company have served in the largest paper manufacturing company in the Production Department (later changed to the Engineering Department), Busily & Heavily Loaded also benefited after 11 years and then joined Taipei Branch of a Germany's largest engineering consultancy firm, happily honed for 13 years, after the bidding of the international standard engineering / execution / completion / acceptance of all the know-how, and finally join the multi-national engineering trading company in Hamburg, Germany, engaged in engineering and turnkey business for three years, the German technology and rigorous spirit of service, to combine Taiwanese practice and Western Cultural Background, owner’s Company opened in 2006, courtesy of a number of German engineering and technology engineering turnkey equipment and materials manufacturers, have signed several agency agreements with the Company!


The companies focus on technology and rigorous spirit of service, the 2006 first agent Dubai LIPKIN companies bidding CPC`S Taichung Harbor to Tai Tam LNG gas PIPELINE, the company later became the Norwegian DNV (CPC`S General Counsel) HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling,)made under the supervision package, the company represents Germany Envirotherm GmbH to tender Taipower Hsinta power plant flue gas dust collection and desulfurization improvement projects, and represent various lime technologies from European know-how owners, 2007 represented German Lentjes Bischoff to procure desulfurization plant equipment in Taiwan and in 2008 delivered the components of absorber to UK !

The comprehensive surface protection from corrosion and erosion is required in various industries, such as power plant, pulp & paper , Chemistry, Food industry and marine fabrication, we have polymer flake resin lining and soft/hard rubber lining to satisfy the severe conditions in all internal and external surface protection, a very sufficient guarantee and service is required for on-shore and offshore application.

The major surface lining in industries contains flake lining, rubber lining and brick lining, there are respective characteristics and variable environmental conditions or circumstances, and economical selections to decide the type of lining, one famous maker has developed its surface lining material for  decades, their specialty provides the reliable surface lining for all industries per German standards and highest quality, users may give the task to HBW for sufficient surface lining without any hesitation, because HBW will only return the demand just in cost effective and technical manner lining! kindly contact us to solve your surface protection issues!

Environmentally-friendly energy steel Sino-pacific main market
Related technology and equipment, the Company engaged in the cultivation areas, and hope to learn with the community to ask you kindly to the guidance.

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